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We are Happy to announce our that we would hold
International Memory championship 2023

Result of 4th IOMC

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4th IOMC Gallery

What's Mind Sport Competition &
How to Join ?

Mind sports competitions have 3 stages of competition. They are Memory Marathon , Indonesia Friendly Memory Championship (IFMC), and World Memory Championship (WMC). WMC become the final stage of this competition. WMC is International Standard Event with International Rankable Qualification in which the participants will compete in 10 Memory Disciplines. This event is also supported and recommended by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Cultural, Research, and Technology.  This event is intended to enhance Executive Function in student’s brain development. The executive function consists of three things, namely inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. Working Memory is an essential part of the brain function, which is trained through participating in a competition. This function is for memory, speed for storing and understanding information, receiving information orders, draw information, and make plans.

"The Race for Boosting Your Brain"

Get to Know Memory Sport!

Challenge Yourself to Practice and Compete!!!

Choose the competition you like & gain the precious opportunity to win the best achievement!

"The Race for Boosting Your Brain"

"The Shortcut to A Stronger Memory"

"It's Showtime"

"The Battle of Brains : Improve Your Focus"

10 memory Disciplines

GAMA World Ranking

What Is The Purpose Of Holding Mind Sport Competitions 2023 event?

This event can help you improve

Child Brain Development

Memory for Learning

The speed of storing and understanding information

Concentration and mutual understanding

Congrats to The Winners!

14th Indonesia Friendly Memory Championship

e-Certificate 14th IFMC Validation

Highlight GradShow (Graduation & Showcase) 2022

Have You Experienced This?

Those problems above often occur in students nowadays. Lack of literacy is the first cause of the problem.

So how to solve it?

Join the Mind Sport Competitions 2023 event!

Mind Sport Competitions 2023 Suitable For Who?

Kids Category

12 years old and lower

Teen Category

13 - 17 years old

Adult Category

18 - 59 years old

Senior Category

59 years old and older

What are the benefits of participating in
Mind Sport Competitions ?

Executive Function will boost the cognitive development of Indonesian student

The World Sports Memory Council acknowledges the event and is listed in worldwide rankings

The registration session includes pre-competition training/coaching clinic to improve learning strategies

This competition has been recommended by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud RI)

Considering the event’s excellent aims and benefits and the undeniable value you’ll gain from participating, are you still hesitant about signing up?

No need to delay! Watch the videos

No need to delay!
Watch the videos

Indonesia Friendly Memory Championship 2017

World Memory Championship 2017

Indonesia Open Memory Championship 2018

Asia Open Memory Championship 2019

Gradshow 2018 & 2019

Gradshow 2022

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Mind Sport Competitions 2022
Telah Direkomendasikan Oleh Kemendikbud
No. 0835/J7.1/PN.01/2022

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Let's see the fun of memory sports around the world (Global)

Previous years' Mind Sport Competitions gallery

Memory Marathon



Memory Marathon



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Upcoming International Competition

French Memory Open June 2023

World Memory Championship
Desember 2023 in India

Asia Open Oktober 2023 in Manila, Philiphine

Indonesia Memory Sport Council

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Indonesia Memory Sports Council (IMSC) was established in 2014. This institution has competent human resources in teaching and training the public in enhancing memory and concentration. Through participating in various international memory sports competitions held in more than 11 nations around the world, this institution successfully achieved 7 MURI Records, 3 World Records, 9 Grandmaster Memory, and hundreds of medals in the field of memory.

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